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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ways To Access Blocked WebSite

Usually, websites are block or filter depends on different situation such as company policies, school, or even by country policy. Luckily, there are some tricks exist to aid us to overcome this situation, which you can bypass the restrictions and the policy, the most common method is the use of proxies or anonymizer websites. Unfortunately, using proxies doesn't always works as they might get blocked by firewall.

The following are some other method you can consider to help you to access blocked websites:

Use IP instead of URL

Each website has it own IP represented by URL. This method work best when filter list is define in URL. For example, to access facebook, simply type in browser. You can check website IP uses ping function in command prompt.

Use cache

Most of the search engine store cached page of websites. You can  access blocked website by viewing the cached copy in search engine.

Translation services

Google translate or Bing translate can do website translation to another language (but we don't need that). When you do this, you are actually access the website via Google/Bing IP.

 Retrieve website via Email

Web2Mail is a free service that send any websites into your inbox. Just send an email to with the URL as title.

Website archive

Wayback Machine is an internet archive that store a copy of almost all websites since they started and update version after that. You can access to blocked website by fetching the lastest copy from archive.

Screen Resolution

An interesting website that allow you to view any website in different resolution. Similar to translation service, you actually accessing blocked website via the website IP. (Internet Explorer Only)

Mobile Search

Display a website in mobile form which evade from filtering list. You can use Springbox Mobilizer, an emulator that works like a mobile on your desktop.

Short URL service

Usually used to convert long URL into shorter for easy remember. You can convert your blocked website into shorter one to evade detection. Popular URL shorten service are and

Tor Browser

A virtual tunnel that redirect your request to a distributed network of relay. You can learn more at HERE.

Proxy Websites

Some other website that offer proxy service.

Proxy Website List

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